The Project

We at eDOCation believe that young researchers ("eDOCs") can contribute to the transfer of knowledge from universities to business practice through online and offline training and seminars. At the same time, they can increase the relevance of their research und improve their future prospects.


We are Alexander Edeling (✉️) and Tobias Hornig (✉️). Together we completed our PhD in Marketing at the University of Cologne. Now we form the eDOCation team as Associate Professor of Marketing at the KU Leuven (Alex) and Head of Advanced Analytics in industry (Tobi).

Funding by The Stifterverband

From November 2020 onwards, the German Stifterverband funded eDOCation as one of the "100 Best Ideas for Tomorrow's Education, Science and Innovation System" as part of the  WIRKUNG HOCH 100 initiative (a third-party project of the University of Cologne).

Network and Cooperations

Through the WIRKUNG HOCH 100 funding initiative, we are integrated into a network of projects that address complementary topics:  We cooperate with the generation project Kompass 50Plus in the areas of mentoring of young researchers by established employees and identifying training needs. The project Mentally Strong and Emotionally in Balance in Teaching and Studying offers techniques and approaches to ensure the mental health of our eDOCs.